We are JBS Tech

An ambitious growing machine building and engineering company. A driven team, specializing in technical automation including robotization. We are known by our clients for our reliability, speed and delivery of customized solutions.

What we do.

We design, build and maintain industrial machines, systems, installations or production lines. From small modifications to large new construction projects. Together with you, the customer, we look for the best solution, in which the highest quality, sustainability, optimization and cost savings of your production process are paramount.

More about us

How do we do it?

We use our years of experience and expert expertise to provide you with the solutions that make your production process a success. We work with a turn-key approach, taking responsibility from the initial idea to the maintenance of your machines, installations and systems. Our creative solutions are constantly innovative and progressive, making you a leader in your industry with our modern and efficient solutions.


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We promise you What we guarantee
  • Reliable and quick
  • Quality customization
  • Years of experience
  • Turnkey total solutions
  • Sustainable production improvement
  • Interference-free production

What we do.

We provide innovative solutions in custom mechanical engineering and engineering. 

Design, build and maintain. JBS Tech provides a turn-key approach, ensuring the efficiency, quality and safety of the machines, production lines, plants and systems we supply. We offer customization through a personalized approach. We listen. We think with you. And we deliver the solution that best suits your project. At JBS Tech, you can always count on innovative solutions that are sustainable, cost-effective, creative and efficient. 

Our team

Our team consists of professionals with various specialties. Our professionals use their years of experience and expertise to provide you with the most innovative and creative solutions. We are happy to advise you on the operation and maintenance of your technical installations. We are not satisfied until you are satisfied.

Always the best solution

Why choose JBS Tech

We have passion for engineering and solving technical problems.

We operate in the world of industrial production automation , engineering, overhaul and maintenance. We support your business with sustainable productivity enhancement. In doing so, you maintain your strong competitive position.

Quality and safety

Safety for your and our colleagues, high-quality service and reliable custom solutions.

Turn-key approach

From the initial idea to the maintenance of your technical installations. One party that takes responsibility.


We use the latest techniques and constantly stay abreast of the latest developments.

Creative solutions

For your technical challenge, we think out of the box, an effective and creative solution.

Reviews JBS Tech is rated on average with a 9,2/10. View recent projects